Medvedev stuns Djokovic

The tennis world was left speechless after the remarkable Novak Djokovic was left for dead at the Arthur Ashe stadium. The world number has had the year of his life, and was basically impossible to beat, irrespective of his opponent. Up until Medvedev won the game, everyone somewhere had some belief that Djokovic could still play himself back into the game. Despite being down two sets, and two games down in the third, it was virtually impossible to feel Djokovic will lose, because he’s that good.

Medvedev started how he meant to go on. The first set was a serving masterclass from the Russian. Djokovic stood absolutely no chance in Medvedev’s service games. However, Djokovic wasn’t serving superbly, so this made all his service games contests. We have seen Djokovic get absolutely dominated in the past, but he always found a way back.

The first set ended 6-4, so did the second, and third. As I said earlier, Medvedev started how he meant to go on. Djokovic simply had no answers. The world number 2 deserves a lot of credit, but Djokovic was poor. From the very weak services, to the numerous unforced errors. He also got frustrated early on, and by the time he got his cool, it was too late. History will always remember Medvedev as the man who stopped Novak Djokovic in a match that would have seen him go clear at the top of Men’s tennis. However, Medvedev just slowed it down, Djokovic is the best player in the world, and I believe he will celebrate Grand Slam number 21 in Melbourne, Australia in some months.

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